GenderJob is a collaboration between national distributors of information about gender and gender equality in the Nordic countries. The idea behind the collaboration is that the participating organisations add information from their respective countries to a shared database. Each organisation can then decide what information in the database to display on its national website. This enables the participants to customise a ‘Nordic job calendar’ to fit the needs and target groups in their respective countries. This solution is both flexible and effective, since information has to be added only once by one participant but can then be published by any participating organisation according to relevance.

With the same cooperation we also provide two other portals:

GenderKalenderN Logo

Keep track of events

The GenderkalenderN helps you keep track of everything from feminist cultural festivals to EU conferences on research policy.

GenderFund Logo

Find funding

Use GenderFund to look for research and project funding, stipends and other funding opportunities.

If you want to add a vacancy in the portal, email us at nikk@genus.gu.se and let us help you.